PROlitzen Trail (T34)

Not for beginners, and not for advanced! Probably the steepest trail in the region - and by steep we mean really steep! Please believe us: this trail should only be ridden by absolute experts. Once on the trail you are at the mercy of the mostly very difficult route!
So beginners and advanced are going to walk a lot, and won´t have fun at all! There are many drops, jumps, berms and steep parts which are cool for technical skilled riders, but not for kids and hobby bikers.

Opening hours & cable car

It is only opened during the opening hours of the Gerlitzen Kanzelbahn. Find the opening hours here.
More info about the cable car can be found here.

trail info

Trail only for trail experts and professionals! Excellent mountain bike riding technique required: Excellent balance, weight shifting to overcome obstacles, riding on steps, safe cornering and braking technique, switchback technique, trial techniques, jumping technique and a lot of trail experience required!

Length: 3.8 km
Height difference: 940m

All detailed information about the trail and the GPS track can be found here.

Safety instructions

In case of an accident

1. Keep calm
2. Make an emergency call at 140 or 112
3. Announcement of the trail and section

This project has been implemented with support of Federation, Country and European Union (Leader).

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