Trails puts a lot of effort into the growing mountain bike infrastructure and services. The mission is to legalize trails, create tours and motivate partners for joining the pool. Currently, seven trails are on the list, situated close to Lake Faak. Five are situated around Lake Ossiach.
The MTB trails & tours are open from 1st May till 15th September between 09:00 am and 07:00 pm and from 16th September till 31st Ocotber between 09:00 am and 05:00 pm.
Other opening hours for PROlitzen Trail!
Each trail of the region has unique characteristics and is worth a ride. For beginners, Flowgartner and Lowgartner Trail are recommended. If your skills are already settled, try out the Ischnig Trail, Kopein Trail, Latschacher Trail (Section II) and Shorty Trail. Each of these is level medium. For the advanced mountain biker, Latschacher Trail (Section I) and Samonigg Trail (Section I) will be a good fit and in combination with the other trails, we can promise a fun challenge! If you are a pro we recommend PROlitzen Trail and also Huby Trail!

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areaone, the mountain bike skill center, was built for training and learning. There are six different tracks providing possibilities for developing and practicing your skills.

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Out in the nature there might appear connection issues concerning your mobil data. In order to avoid troubles navigating around we recommend to download our map before your tour starts.

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