MTB Fair Play Carinthia

We are convinced that if we stick to the rules, the forest will remain a unique recreational and living space for everyone in the future.Respectful interaction and mutual consideration form the basis for coexistence and the protection of the diverse interests in the forest. In Carinthia and in the entire region Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See, certain rules of use and behavior apply, which you can read below.

Rules of use

  • 1. The use of the mountain bike trails is permitted from 01 May to 15 September in the period from 09:00 to 19:00 and from 16 September to 31 October in the period from 09:00 to 17:00 at your own risk only with a suitable bike and with protective equipment. Exceptions to these times is the PROlitzen Trail, which is linked to the summer opening times of the Gerlitzen Kanzelbahn, and the areaone, which is accessible all year round from 1 hour after sunrise to 1 hour before sunset.
  • 2. Only the use of the approved marked trails is allowed.
  • 3. Levels of difficulty: BLUE = easy; RED = medium; BLACK = difficult.
  • 4. Choose the level of difficulty of the mountain bike trail or bike tour according to your riding technique and condition - do not overestimate yourself!
  • 5. Check your sports equipment and gear before each ride.
  • 6. Ride on sight with controlled speed adapted to the terrain and ground conditions. Driving and safety conditions can change at any time.
  • 7. Pay special attention to pedestrians.
  • 8. Parents are liable for their children!
  • 9. In the forest it is especially forbidden by law to camp, to camp in the dark, to make fire, to disturb game or to enter forest crops under 3m tree height.
  • 10. Forest roads and the forest are operational areas and workplaces. Therefore, expect working machines, workers, motor vehicles, stored wood and potholes.
  • 11. We ask you to be considerate of the environment. Avoid noise and pollution.
  • 12. Stick to the opening hours and protect wildlife and nature.
  • 13. The road traffic regulations apply.
  • 14. In case of need give first aid!
  • 15. Mountain rescue emergency number: 140

Rules of conduct

In addition to the rules of use, which are part of the landowners contract, there are also general rules of conduct along tours and trails. These serve not only a better coexistence, but also the longevity of the trails.

  • • The temptation of shortcuts is often great - nevertheless it is important to stay on the prescribed or marked routes. Besides: you get more out of it when you ride the trails - our shapers have thought of something when building the routes.
  • • Find out in advance which trails are approved and released for riding.
  • • Furthermore, close pasture gates and gates. Nobody wants sheep, cows or other animals to get lost.
  • • Please take your trash back with you or throw it into a trash can and not into the nature.
  • • Always finish your mountain bike tour before it gets dark.
  • • Take care of nature, plants and animals.
  • • Please pay attention to existing prohibition signs and respect them.
  • • Often tours or trails unfortunately have to be closed. Do not disregard these closures, because you can put yourself in mortal danger if, for example, trees are cut down.
  • • Please respect other nature users and take care of a respectful coexistence.

Behavior on Shared Trails

The trails and bike tours are partly used by hikers and mountain bikers together and without restrictions. This is made possible by respectful and considerate interaction between all users. This applies not only to encounters, but also to usage behavior on the trails. Hikers always have priority over mountain bikers. Keep it clean and keep it safe! Accordingly, it is important to adapt speeds to your ability and the overview.

  • • Find out in advance which trails are approved for biking and hiking together.
  • • Please pay attention to the Shared Trails signs, which are posted at the trails and indicate where you share the trail with hikers.
  • • Please respect other trail users and remember to give hikers the right of way!

Protective gear

The protective gear listed in the rules of conduct includes at least the following equipment:

Difficulty levels of mountain bike trails

Similar to ski slopes and hiking trails, approved mountain bike trails and mountain bike singletrails are also divided into different levels of difficulty. The gradient degree, possible dangers, but also the condition of the trails are decisive for the classification into very easy, easy, moderately difficult and difficult routes. It is strongly recommended to start with the easiest level of difficulty and to inform yourself about each mountain bike trail in advance.

For whom is this trail suitable and what riding technique is required?
Suitable for trail beginners and children! Basic mountainbike riding techniques needed: Basic position, balance, good braking technique. Little to no trail experience neccessary
Hazards: Drops from small heights in relatively safe terrain possible, no danger of falling
Trail properties: Uneven surface, ground with good grip, no roots and little stones
Obstacles: None
Gradient: Very flat: Average ≤ 9%; maximum 15%
Curves: Long, wide and flat curves and exits of curves
Trail width: Wide, minimum 1 m
Jumps: None. Very easy to ride over

For whom is this trail suitable and what riding technique is required?
For trail beginners and advanced mountain bikers! Advanced mountain bike abilities required: Good balance, weight needs to be transferred to get past obstacles, steps on trail, safe cornering and braking ability and possibly jumping ability and trail experience
Hazards: Drops from big heights into natural terrain possible, slight chance of falling
Trail properties: Even surface, ground with good grip with occasional roots or bigger stones
Obstacles: Small terraces and jumps
Gradient: Flat: Average ≤ 12%; maximum 30 %
Curves: Tight, but very good for riding through with long and flat exits of curves. At flowtrails there are bigger builded curves
Trail width: Narrow, minimum 0.6 m
Jumps: Easy to ride over, safe main line. Variations for more experienced riders possible

For whom is this trail suitable and what riding technique is required?
For advanced trail users! Special mountain bike abilities required: Very good balance, weight needs to be transferred to get past obstacles, steps on trail, safe cornering and braking ability, safe switchback riding skills, jumping ability and trail experience!
Hazards: Drops from big heights into dangerous terrain possible, danger of falling!
Trail properties: Partially loose, very variable ground with roots and stones
Obstacles: Drops and steps soon after each other
Gradient: Very steep, average ≤ 20%; maximum 60%
Curves: Very tight and steep curves and exits of curves
Trail width: Very narrow, minimum 0.3 m
Jumps: Cannot be ridden over, but ridden around

For whom is this trail suitable and what riding technique is required?
For trail experts only! Excellent mountain bike abilities required: Excellent balance, weight needs to be transferred to get past obstacles, steps and big drops on trail, safe cornering and braking ability, perfect switchback riding skills needed, trail ability, jumping and dropping skills and loads of trail experience!
Hazards: Drops from big heights into dangerous terrain possible with danger of falling and loss of life along the whole trail!
Trail properties: Partially very loose, very variable ground with constant roots and stones
Obstacles: Very high drops and steps in quick succession. Drops cannot be rolled over and there is a particularly high risk of falling!
Gradient: Extremely steep, average ≥ 20%; maximum ≥ 70%
Curves: Extremely steep and tight curves and exits of curves
Trail width: Extremly narrow, minimum 0.2 m
Jumps: Cannot be ridden over or ridden around


You can find out how our tours and trails are signposted here: Service - Signage.

We know that you have just read a lot of information. Basically, however, it's all quite simple to comply with. It is most helpful for all of us bikers if you stick to it and also tell your colleagues about it.
Now we wish you a lot of fun on the tours and trails!

Your team!