Ride the South of the Alps! offers mountain bike trails of any level of difficulty, tours going beyond borders, and a destination where every mountain is next to a lake - a paradise for mountain bikers! We are responsible for an increasing number of officially approved MTB tours and trails, and we also provide special services for mountain bikers, such as our BASECAMPS with lockable basement and workshop with specific tools for bikes.Experience great trails and tours set in a fabulous mountain and lake scenery on the sunny south side of the Alps, right next to the borders of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia.

Whether you prefer mountain bike trails or tours, the beautiful combination of mountains and lakes, the tasty and regional Carinthian food influenced by Italian and Slovenian cuisine, and the possibility of going for a swim in one of the warmest lakes of the Alps will spoil you for choice.Visit our website and discover more about - ride the south of the Alps and experience the south of Austria! Just click here to find out which trails are open or closed.

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Out in the nature there might appear connection issues concerning your mobil data. In order to avoid troubles navigating around we recommend to download our map before your tour starts.

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