PUMPTRACK (roofed)

Have a great time on our pumptrack! It is roofed and has a very solid underground, even it is a portable path. The aim of a pump track is to generate pace by actively using the pumping technique. This means you have to move your body constantly up and down in order to overcome the humps and turns without pedalling or pushing.
It is a great opportunity for kids, but also grown ups, to get more feeling for your two wheeled vehicle.

The indoor PUMPTRACK is situated in Drobollach at lake Faak. The exact adress is Strandbadstraße 61, 9580 Drobollach. To find the fastest way to our PUMPTRACK click here!

Rules & Regulation

  • Parents are responsible for their children
  • Children are just allowed to use the infrastructure accompanied by their parents
  • Use of safety equipment is recommended
  • Adapt your way of driving according to your skills
  • Take care of other riders
  • Avoiding accessing the track by foot
  • Use the lounge area for breaks
  • Do not leave your waste or damage on track
  • Contact the operator when you notice damage
  • Motorised vehicles are not allowed
  • Respect and take care of each other

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