MTB Fair Play

The trails in and around Villach are mostly multi-purpose trails and used by hikers and mountain bikers at the same time. This is only possible if all users behave respectfully and thoughtfully. That is true for encounters on the trails, but for the handling of trails themselves too. Hikers always have right of way. Keep the trails clean and safe. Adjust your speed according to your skills and the situation!

  • 1. The temptation of a short cut might sometimes be huge – but please stay on the marked trails. Your riding experience will benefit from it: our shapers have built the trails with riding fun in mind.
  • 2. Always stay informed which routes and trails are open to the public.
  • 3. Always close pasture gates!
  • 4. Do not leave your waste in the nature.
  • 5. Finish your biking tour before it gets dark!
  • 6. Care for nature – animal and plants!
  • 7. Pay attention to prohibition signs.
  • 8. Respect other users of the trails – give hikers priority!